It's Just Sex is a comic home run now running at the Actors Temple Theatre in New York City - Sundays @ 7:30PM, Mondays & Tuesdays @ 7PM, Wendesday @ 2PM Click here for the It's Just Sex Twitter feed. Click here to visit the It's Just Sex Facebook page.


It's Just Sex – A Comedy About Lust & Trust, written by LA Based playwright Jeff Gould, is an acclaimed, award-winning comedy stage-play that was a runaway success in each of its initial professional productions in Los Angeles and is currently running Off-Broadway in New York City. The Off-Broadway production opened June, 2013. There have been subsequent regional productions in San Diego, CA, Lakewood, Colorado, Athens, Greece and Auckland, New Zealand. Licensing deals are currently being negotiated for productions in Mexico City, Sao Paulo and Rio de Janiero, Brazil and Sydney, Australia.

It's Just Sex is a provocative but playful romantic comedy about partner-swapping couples and the realities of modern marriage. It has enjoyed Best Play citations, sold-out audiences plus rave critical and audience reviews. The play's laugh-out-loud comedy and thought-provoking themes of sex, marriage and modern relationships have made it a proven commercial hit and PG-13 crowd-pleaser everywhere it has been produced. The entire 2012 run of It's Just Sex in Los Angeles was sold-out at 100% capacity.

It's Just Sex depicts the lives of three typical couples, each experiencing the trials and tribulations of married life, during one fateful evening. With the kids away at camp, they gather for a routine cocktail party. But as the liquor flows, party games are played in which secrets, truths and resentments are revealed, culminating in a surprising and wildly hilarious 'partner swap'. The results are hysterically funny and captivating when the drunken escapade clarifies and the characters must confront the resulting effects on their lives and marriages, and views of honesty, monogamy and relationship.

The play succeeds wonderfully, delivering a lively evening of date-night entertainment that is raucously funny, provocative, insightful, moving and ultimately uplifting. Audiences universally relate to the situations in the play and see pieces of themselves in each of the characters and couples. The 7-character ensemble can be cast in variety of ways. With 1 stationary set and few props and furniture pieces, the full-length play is easy to cast and stage, and inexpensive-to-produce.


It's Just Sex opens with three short, amusing vignettes that establish the three couples, each depicting a different tale in married life; Phil, a finance executive, is caught having an affair by his family therapist wife, Joan; Kelly, an earthy masseuse, is struggling to avoid the non-stop sexual advances of her forever-horny novelist husband, Carl; and Lisa, a controlling attorney and her uptight, computer-nerd husband, Greg, are dealing with his latest 'failure' in the bedroom.

Against this backdrop, they all arrive at Phil and Joan's that evening for a presumably relaxing cocktail party to celebrate the departure of the kids to camp and 'two whole weeks of freedom'. Looking to conceal the submerged angst of their marriages, the evening pops with witty, funny, fast-paced conversation and party games until Joan, jilted and hell-bent on revenge, suggests a "Tell The Truth" drinking game designed to expose and humiliate her cheating husband. At that point, the intricately-woven plot kicks into high gear. And as the liquor flows, secrets are revealed until reality collides with fantasy as Joan orchestrates a riotously-staged, drunken 'partner swap'.

But when the afterglow of the sex and booze wears off, Phil and Joan, Carl and Kelly and Greg and Lisa come face to face with the realities of their actions, the resulting effects on their relationships and feelings about life, love and commitment. Phil and Joan unearth resentments that have been buried for years, resentments that are destroying their marriage. Carl and Kelly reveal truths that bring them to a new level of honesty, understanding and commitment. Greg and Lisa also expose years of dysfunction that pushes their marriage to the breaking point. All of it is done with poignancy,and some genuinely hilarious moments. Ultimately, one marriage survives the wild night, one crumbles and one is left to try and rediscover their love.


WINNER: 'Roar of the Crowd' (Highest Member-Rated Show in LA by Goldstar)
WINNER: Best Comedy - Valley Theater League
WINNER: Best New Comedy – Los Angeles Artistic Development Award
CRITIC'S PICK: LA Times, LA Weekly