It's Just Sex is a comic home run now running at the Actors Temple Theatre in New York City - Sundays @ 7:30PM, Mondays & Tuesdays @ 7PM, Wendesday @ 2PM Click here for the It's Just Sex Twitter feed. Click here to visit the It's Just Sex Facebook page.
"LA's longest running comedy. Hilarious and thought-provoking theater. Ferociously intelligent, super-sexy hot. A rollicking night of entertaining theatre that touches on important issues."
"One of New York's Sexiest Events!"
Time Out New York
"A comic home run. Unapologetically commercial. It's thoughtful naughtiness rocks the house."
"Convulsively funny! A true crowd pleaser."
"GO! Provocative and surprisingly enlightening. Sharp, funny and concise.."
"Sweet, Passionate,
Thought-provoking, convincingly enthusiastic ... Rick Shaw adds nice directorial touches."
"GO SEE THIS SHOW! It will make you laugh. It will make you think. Wildly hilarious, creatively staged. A mini-masterpiece of contemporary morals."
"Provocatively Erotic"
Wolf Entertainment Guide
"Fast-paced and Very Funny.
The ensemble puts over their zingers in expert comedic fashion."
New York Post
"An intelligent, engrossing play. Well-acted by a splendid, attractive cast."
"Modern and Sexy. The pace and comic timing are quite perfect. The cast, all of whom are quite attractive, are capable of eliciting sympathy one moment and hatred the next."
"Laugh out loud adult fun. Sexy, sophisticated, scintillating, smart and serious all in one superb performance. Perfect date night entertainment."
"Insightful, titillating
and often painfully funny. A
confident cast with Rick Shaw's
smooth direction."
Show Business Weekly
"Real, honest, witty. "It's Just Sex!" is truly bringing sexy back. Impeccably timed comedy explores the issues of jealousy, love and trust and how different people define a marriage. Will keep you laughing and anxiously waiting at the end of your seat. "
Edge New York
"A Turn-On! Sexy, Naughty and Surprisingly Emotional. It's Just Sex is spicing things up Off-Broadway. A
Very Funny, Entertaining and
Clever new comedy."
"At turns laugh-out-loud hysterical, thoughtful and deeply moving. A very entertaining night of theater."
"It's Just Sex is a lot more than that. Funny, provocative and meaningful. Go and laugh!"
"I loved it. A fun night at the theater."